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ACOM Amateur Radio Linear Amplifiers

Model Description Price

LDMOS HF+4m+6m 500W

ACOM 500S brochure



LDMOS HF+6m 700W

ACOM 700S brochure


ACOM 1200S

LDMOS HF+6m 1000W

ACOM 1200S brochure


ACOM 2020S

LDMOS HF+6m 1500 W heavy-duty linear amplifier

ACOM 2020S brochure


ACOM 1010

HF 700 W PEP linear amplifier with 4CX800

ACOM 1010 brochure


ACOM 1000

HF + 6m 1000 W PEP or continuous carrier, no mode limit, 4CX800

ACOM 1000 brochure


ACOM 1500

HF + 6m 1500 W PEP (1200 W continuous carrier) output power, 4CX1000A

ACOM 1500 brochure


ACOM 2100

HF + 6m 1500W PEP or continuous carrier output power, 4CX1000A

ACOM 2100 brochure


ACOM 2000A

HF + 6m The ACOM 2000A Automatic HF Linear Amplifier is the world's most advanced HF amplifier designed for amateur use. The ACOM 2000A is the first amateur HF amplifier to include both fully automatic tuning and sophisticated digital control capabilities. This revolutionary new amplifier delivers maximum legal power in all modes and operates on all HF amateur bands. 2x 4CX800

ACOM 2000A brochure



Remote automatic antenna tuner for HF + 6 m with integrated four-way antenna switch

ACOM 04AT brochure

$ 2,200


Automatic antenna tuner for HF + 6 m with integrated four-way antenna switch

ACOM 06AT brochure

$ 2,200


The ACOM 2S1 is a TX/RX commutator that allows two transceivers to use a common load. It guards each transceiver's input while the other transceiver transmits, prevents simultaneous transmission, and allows simultaneous reception

ACOM 2S1 brochure

$ 590


The ACOM 2000SW is a remote 1 out of 10 antenna switch designed for outdoor use (dust and rain protected). The 2000SW switch is controlled via 4-bit parallel BCD code input commands

ACOM ASW brochure

$ 1,350


eBox is an active Ethernet device which directly integrates ACOM power amplifiers to the Ethernet networks (your local network or Internet). The eBox transfers commands and information forth and back - from the operator to the amplifier and vice versa - via the Ethernet.

ACOM eBox brochure

$ 650

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